FriskerPro was the invention of a retired Law Enforcement detective, a electrical design engineer, and an expert in the metal detection field. Originally designed in 2000, the FriskerPro was licensed to a company who  had it manufactured in China. FriskerPro was sold to Law Enforcement, Department of Defense, and Bureau of Prisons until 2007.

OGT owners came across the FriskerPro in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan. Seeing the immediate utility for Special Operations, the owners sought to purchase the FriskerPro only to find it had been out of production for four years. OGT researched  and found that the former company was no longer in business and was able to locate the only remaining patent holder. After realizing the continued requirement for such a device, OGT decided to bring the product back to the market.


OGT acquired the patent and trademark of the FriskerPro in January 2014. In order to bring the FriskerPro back into production, OGT contracted a U.S. manufacturer to build and redesign the new FriskerPro. OGT is certain this will improve quality and durability with the new and improved sensor and design.

Chief Executive Officer

18 Year Special Operations Senior Chief Petty Officer with 10 deployments to CENTCOM, EUCOM and SOUTHCOM. Holds a BA in Intelligence Studies  from American Military University and MS in Cybersecurity from University Maryland University College. Graduate of several DoD and IC community technical surveillance  courses. 

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Retired 20 Year Special Operations Senior Chief Petty Officer with 20 deployments to CENTCOM, EUCOM, SOUTHCOM. Holds a BA in  Health Science from George Washington University and MBA from Darden. Graduate of numerous DoD and IC community technical surveillance  courses. 






Old Goat Technologies (OGT),  owner and patent holder of the FriskerPro, is a Veteran Owned Small Business,  based out of Chesapeake, Virginia.  The company is owned and operated by former Special Operations personnel that are driven and dedicated to provide quality products and services to both government and private sectors. Together OGT's executive leadership has over 60 years combined experience in  both military and associated defense contracting industry. 


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