OGT believes ALL individuals in the security industry should have access to the BEST protection while engaging in inherently high risk situations.

Designed to increase operator survivability, our products are of superb quality, multi-functional and provide maximum efficiency.

We increase operational efficiency and operator safety by providing simple, meaningful technical solutions to Law Enforcement, Military, Government, and the Private Sector.

 We support those who risk their lives everyday protecting our rights to freedom.



FriskerPro - 



A small, covert, extremely effective searching enhancement and officer safety/survival tool. Simplistic and easily operated, the FriskerPro has had a tremendous impact for both domestic and international agencies. The FriskerPro assist in various safety precautions, such as crime fighting measures, as well as, homeland security and anti-terrorism efforts  for these agencies while deployed.






  • Provides a 'free hand' approach allowing searches to be preformed while still having the ability to use your entire hand if needed, for safety, using academy approved techniques

  • Rugged, water-resistant and all weather use

  • Replaceable 9-volt battery with low battery indicator

  • Sensor can be placed on the back of the hand for less intrusive search techniques

  • Adjustable to fit any or either hand or both hands simultaneously, if wearing two

  • Can detect objects as small as a paperclip in various locations on the body or within clothing

  • Point specific sensor

  • Unit will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity

















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